domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010



 rainy rainy rainy weekend, home alone, lots of shopping and partying and driving around town and seeing a million transvestites.

this time next week i'll be DONE WITH MIDTERMS (can't believe it). it'll be soooooo weird not having to go to class.. 





sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010




I miss you, people!

viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010






spent the morning home alone, playing with my dog Teo and guitar playing ♥

the sister will be back from Spain on sunday night! so so happy :)




viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010




even though my sister is in Spain for a month and i miss her TERRIBLY and i'm also home alone at the moment, i'm having the time of my life. this has been the best winter break in the history of winter breaks!! going to the movies, staying in and watching movies, new novels, new clothes, same old friends, many get-togethers, laughs laughs laughs, lots of food, little booze, lots of walking and being stalked by creepy people on the streets.

my cup of tea :)

make sure to check out my personal friend and most talented designer's blog to stay updated with his upcoming show at NYFW! ;) you'll be seeing a bit of me there, too



viernes, 2 de julio de 2010


taking up a new philosophy seems to be paying off. taking things easy has made happier than anything else. :)

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010





partied it up over the long and cold weekend with the friends 

dancing lots, drinking lots, laughing lots 


the answer to all my problems



miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010




(teo+me after our three-hour walk around the mountains)



trying to balance studying AND partying has made me forget that tomorrow is my mum's and my birthday!

not too excited about it, though. for some reason i just hate celebrating it. i guess it's because my house is so so small and it gets so awkward when people want to come and i refuse haha; i'm such a sweetheart, you see.

i guess my life is just too complicated! (................................................)

so now i'm off to do some grammar shit and drink peachy peach tea and bake a cake for tonight's party with the classmates. should be fun :)

read you soon xx