jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009








i'm off to spend christmas in the mountains! :)


i'll be back in a couple of days, so, whatever you guys do,

have the best time ever!




lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009






my weekend featured:

*getting shitfaced once more

*doing karaoke

*finally kissing her though we were both quite shitfaced so im not sure it counts

*being stalked/molested by a gay guy who just won't fucking get it

*going to an art market and buying mini poetry-books

*going for ice creams with friends




oh lord, do i love the summertime





viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009





i missed nights like yesterday's, going out with friends, dancing yours ass off and getting SOOOOOO shitfaced

any plans for your weekends, kids?







martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009




i'd like us to be like reese witherspoon and mark wahlberg in 'FEAR' but without all the psycho shit and stuff 






jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009









longest shitttttttttt EVER. i was there from 8 am till 6.30 pm! i almost die

my eyes are sore and my head is about to explode but i'm so so so so so so so so so happy i'm over this! :D

i should get started with finals now...





lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2009






spent the day sunbathing and being happy about having passed my language final with flying colours! (i've always wanted to say that but it actually sounded very stupid)

exams left:

*Cambridge's Certificate in Advanced English on wednesday (SCARY SHIT, MUCH?)

*sociopolitics/psychology/teaching practice (16th/17th/18th)

*grammar & phonology in FEBRUARY (i'm not even thinking about you two, bitches!!)

so yeah my life's pretty much been as BORING as ALWAYS



on a different note,


(note the choice of shocking colours to show my shock/indignation)



viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009




back to blogging?

i'm currently finishing my first year of uni and taking all the finalssssssssss

missed you, biotches!








domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009




(HOLY COW, this is SHIT scary but it's a bit too late to back down now!)



so, this was definitely one the most stupid spring breaks of my life.. some friends from uni and i were requested to participate as assistants in this teaching conference which took place from thursday to saturday. however, it turned out to be completely different from what we expected..

instead of doing the whole accreditation thing on the first day and then taking care of workshops and dissertants, the stupid ladies from the organizing committee kept getting in the middle and telling us to get lost and we were FORCED TO WORK WITH THE PLANNING COMPANY CREW moving chairs and tables from a tent to a building the whole of the second morning. and the fatass planner totally threw all his shit at us! he was sooooo fucking rude and didn't EVER help anyone, he just kept talking on his cell phone. i mean, i know it was sort of out of the blue and that they did need our help, but it's not our fault if you are the one who decides to put up a tent in the HIGHEST and WINDIEST spot of the city without thinking of a plan b first!

all this, of course, without even offering us a drink or something to eat.

and that's basically why i never showed up on the last day. HA! i'll bitchslap those biotches from the organizing committee if i ever see them again!




sorry for all the badmouthing and blabblering :( but it really pissed me off

i DID buy a copy of the complete illustrate works of Oscar Wilde, an apple stamp which reads 'VERY GOOD' and stole an apple pencil. yayyy for stealing small goodies!

i'm so off to check your lovely blogs, guys




domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009



had an awesome night last night!

spent it with friends eating pizza, having caipiroshkas at the pub, and later dancing our asses off at the clubbbbbbbbb (and coping with a couple who were dancing reggaeton/going at it right next to us).



viva spring break!

although i do have to go to class a couple of days this week. eek

how's your weekend so farrrrr, guys?






domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2009









 EDIT: big thanks to jon at WANCHOR and dan at VANITY TEEN for featuring my work. :D





martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009





i got home early from uni many hours ago, after finding out that a teacher had passed away earlier today. i did not know her but a friend of mine did, and she was so so sad and i felt extremely useless. i do hope she rests in peace.

this and the gloomy weather we've been having over the past few days got me thinking, and it's so awful that people just die.

psh, i'm such a genius, ain't i?




miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

pray pray pray






i'm listening to scarlett jonahsson and pete yorn's new cd right now..

is it amazing or what?!




sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009





despite being winter down here, it's being strangely warm.. so i thought i'd post these babies from the summer! i miss that place terribly and can't wait to go back there next summer.

i'm extremely happy and proud to tell you all that the week has finally finished: i don't have any more midterms OR stupid papers (at least for next week) and i could stay in bed up to 1.30 PM!!!!!!!! (i had been sleeping 3/4 hs per day for the last two weeks)

i refuse to do any homework so i'm off to enjoy this beautiful dayyyyyy.

well i won't lie to you, i don't have any plans for tonight and i'm semi-home alone so today's sure going to suck. but at least i don't have any responsibilities YAY FOR HAVING NO RESPONSIBILITIES!




ttyl haha



 edit: HUUUUUUUUGE thanks to jon for asking me to contribute to the amazing wanchor magazine! go have a look and LIIIIINK, it seriously rocks.




miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009





yayyyyyyy so much fun you sexy motha fucka nigga biotchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

i'm officially done with fucking midtermssssssssssss AND singing along to 'she's expensive' by the virgins at the top of my voiiiiiiiice until one my sisters OR my lovely parents take notice of it and politely ask me to shut the fuck up! :D :D :D :D

now i need to wait and see how i did, which was oooooooook i think but i don't want to think about it so bye bye midterm-related thoughts woo-hoo party time now (not really, trust me)

anyways i still have some stupid assignments to do (impossible not to have them) but i'm relatively free and it feels so so so weird but great all the same.. i have a SERIOUS amount of sleep to catch up with but it was totally worth it! 

as always i'll ask YOU to share the interesting stories, guys! :P

take care and be happy



domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009



customized notebook for a friend (:




i'm sorry for neglecting you, baby blogggggggg!!

(like any of you cared/felt sad by my absence haha)

got together with a gorgeous friend yesterday for a nerdy dialogue-practising afternoon filled with tea and wheat crackers. i love those stupid wheat crackers.

it's sunday and midterms -thank god- will be over by tuesday (not after slaughtering every bit of life i have left, OF COURSE!).

so i apologize once more for my lack of interesting news AND my usual nerdiness.

love you guyssssss, have a nice afternoon! :D

(shit, it's so warm and sunny and i'm doomed to stay here..)



miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2009







i've been going to bed way too late at night and waking up way too early for my taste, studying my little ass off AND catching up with my beautiful classmates!

hope you are having a not-so-hectic week!

much love to you guys and thanks for sticking with me :D



  balmain-ish dress by my sister, caro

model is the breathtaking sabrina (please, someone sign her ASAP)

photography, mine




viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009







this is just a little post to thank ALL OF YOU for all the support you've been giving me and the beautiful comments you've left! you're the ones who make it worth to have this blog :)

i'd also like to thank june for being so sweet and asking me to do a mini Q/A, which you can find on her amazing blog over here!

things like these make me want to live in the fantastic world we know as blogosphere forever. but i won't do that for i'd probably end up in a movie called 'ari in creepyland' and also die of obesity shortly thereafter (sitting for way too long in front of the computer eating nothing but wheat crackers is said to be a bit unhealthy).

the end.




martes, 11 de agosto de 2009




i'm so tired and i think i don't care failing all my midterms next week.

well, i DO care but i just like acting like a cool cat.

god i hate that phrase so much. crackle crackle galactic static. am i supposed to sound like i'm on crack? i mean, is that really what my phonology teacher expects from me?

i stroked a puppy today and my computer is about to commit suicide.





i also have some questions:

1. what do you do when you can't fall out of love with this oh-so pretty girl?

2. why don't pretty girls know i exist?

3. can i come up with any more stupid questions?




domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009








80% of my friends bailed out on me last minute and decided they were not going to the party we had been invited to. and i REALLY wanted to go but i reckoned it would be very sad being there alone with a bunch of people i didn't know. so i had no choice but to stay at home. :(

on another subject, i bought the perfect black military coat yesterday morning, and got my hair cut. a tad expensive but oh well, i can always go rob a bank!



how was your saturday night?

(i hope not as lousy as mine turned out to be!)




miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009






(sort of)


goooood, i'm having nightmares about all those hours of non-stop english conversations coming my way! (and they're scary)

anyway, i managed to get up at 7.30 am and studied teaching practice for quite a while with a couple of strawberry tea cups by my side. fortunately it wasn't as shitty as i thought it would be.

on a different note, my dad bought one of those giant printer/scanner/photocopier machines thingies, thus allowing me to bother you with all my collageness!!!!!!

goodbye for now! have an incredible wednesday (i've always loved spelling wednesday in my head)




domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009





two haircuts ago a lot less sadness



jueves, 30 de julio de 2009






my knees are so cold right now.

this pictures are a year old, the first one i took it while walking home after having brunch with a friend i hadn't seen in months. the second one at the bus stop.

i miss taking the bus when it's almost empty. but my dad likes driving me everywhere, so..

i don't like it when it's too crowded. or when weird stuff happens!

i will never forget this one afternoon: it was around 3 pm, very cold but the sun shone strongly. i had left early from school and i loved it when it happened. i took the bus and suddenly glanced a girl walking on the street. this girl became one of my best friends some weeks after that. but the weirdest thing was this other girl who kept staring at me on the bus and jumped next to me a few minutes later. she was so so so weird, her eyes were beautiful and so was her face. but a complete creeper in the end. she kept asking me all this strange questions and i remember being totally scared. before getting off the bus, she kissed me goodbye on the cheek and i never saw her again.

i've always had the feeling that she was an ex-classmate's cousin. i still don't know WHY. 


i'd love to hear some bus stories from you. (:




domingo, 26 de julio de 2009






things i learnt from last week:

1) if you are half-drunk watching horror movies with friends once again, the lights will eventually go off and you will be forced to stay in a corner looking all scared and stupid.

2) if at 4 am, after watching all those movies, you secretly text your sisters asking them to make some creepy/scary phone calls, it will somehow end in tears.

3) you shouldn’t waste too much time putting on your pyjamas, as you never know when it might start snowing.

4) it may snow even if it hasn’t happened in years/isn’t supposed to happen/it’s totally out of place.

5) no matter how hard it rains or snows, DO make plans with a friend to grab a cup of coffee in the afternoon. it may turn out to be the best day of the month.

6) procrastination is one of the best things ever.

7) eat as much chocolate as you want during holidays. you can always say you’re pregnant. or that it’s baby fat.


viernes, 17 de julio de 2009



spent the night watching european horror movies + forgetting sarah marshall (which had nothing to do with anything but we were too scared to keep watching more scary flicks) with friends yesterday


empanadascoke pop corn tiramisu = happy ari and happy friends


AWESOME night, made me quite happy, though i'm starting to feel how the winter break is slowly fading away.

hope you're having yourn own marvellous nights, pretty fellows!

i'm off to the video store to buy some old videotaped movies and charge my cellllllllphone before it's too late






jueves, 18 de junio de 2009





so, besides being a shitty blogger a couple of things have happened.

1) it was my mom's and my birthday (on the same day, which is lovelier than anything ♥)

2) i sort of rediscovered my creativity.

3) i developed some new crushes. not one, not two, let's just say SOME. damn you, girls, and your prettiness!

4) i've already been through half my midterms. so far, quiiiiiiiite good.




i love you and missed you terribly, bloggers.

you're lovely lovely lovely and i want to hear from you and what you have been up to! 



lunes, 1 de junio de 2009




first midterm tomorrow

phonology I

do i really really have to go?




sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

we are taking next week off at uni, before all those stupid midterms.
and i should be studying cause i had bad dreams which featured my mom telling me i should study.
but guess what?
i woke up and she told me i should take a break.

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009




and the clock still strikes midnight and noon
and the sun still rises and so does the moon


miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009





pretty girls like you make my heart happy.



viernes, 24 de abril de 2009



this is my favourite llama sweater ever

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009




'Further away from the main industrial areas, the north of England is sparsely populated. In the north-western corner of the country is the Lake District. The romantic poets of the 19th century, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey (the “Lake Poets”), lived here and wrote about its beauty. It is the favourite destination of people who enjoy walking holidays and the whole area is classified as a National Park (the largest in England).'



sábado, 18 de abril de 2009



i sleep with my phone, waiting for it to vibrate in the middle of the night and someone say something romantic

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009





(illustration: mine)





i think i loathe you, Phonology I.



domingo, 12 de abril de 2009





happy easter, boys and girls!

i don't really believe in God, Jesus, Jebus or anyone.

but i hope you had a lovely weekend full of chocolate and yummy food and NOT loads of reading -like mine-




miércoles, 8 de abril de 2009





Early sleeting, freezing temperatures. Streets and sidewalks were both covered in mud, which made it almost impossible to walk without being strongly scared of slipping over. All those birds seemed to be black sharp leaves against the pale blue of the sky.

When I walked past that tree, they flew away in all directions, creating some sort of whimsical, unconnected cobweb which I will probably never forget.



domingo, 5 de abril de 2009



oh, the uni student life,

how busy and tiring it is..!



i've spent most of my weekend decorating my notebook's covers (which equals scissors, lots and lots of glue, billions of cut outs from 70s' magazines and ENDLESS afternoons), spending way too much money on ridiculously huge photocopy sets, drinking uncountable cups of fruity tea and coffee, reading The picture of Dorian Gray before going to bed at 2 am and fighting crime wearing my skintight red leather jumpsuit.

and i'm perfectly content with it.






jueves, 2 de abril de 2009



oh, you tacky yet beautifully amusing 90s..

how much i love love love this show