lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

remember i mentioned going to the mall on my last post?

well, as you probably do not know, the mall is next to wal-mart. so i took the opportunity to go to wal-mart's photo lab and finally develop the five rolls of film that had been waiting for that special and magical moment since, well, June. i asked the lady to put the images on a cd, too. all i had to do then was wait.

(insert the lamest two-hour lapse of the world HERE)

i had the photos in my hands and they were HEAVENLY. i just had to get back home and flicker through my lovely 111 digital photos.

(insert funniest four-hour space of time until i got home HERE)

first album: some random walk with my sister and shots of my house.

second album: my winter holidays.

third album: weird/amish/german-looking family's holidays' photos.

fourth alb... wait. WHAT? i mean.. WHAAAAT?

well, YES, the stupid lady from the photo lab had gotten things mixed up and i ended up with a bunch of pictures of old guys in the sea and a group of nerdy, old-looking young adults horseback riding because of her fault.

the worst of all was putting on my complaining pants (pants which give me an angry, pissed look and scare people so that i can be taken seriously) today, after oversleeping for about two hours, making me VERY LATE FOR MY TIGHTLY SCHEDULED COMPLAINING DAY.

i had to go up to wal-mart (thirty-minute bus ride), then wait for the pictures to be put on another cd (one hour waiting) just so that the lady told me the machines 'were broken' and that i 'should wait another half hour or so'. that was the fugliest morning ever. and i mean it because i used the word fugliest.

by the time i was ready to head home a very much chubby and beautiful baby smiled at me, changing my morning upside down.

and then was the bus for home, and being sunkissed, with my hair blowing in every direction possible and wishing for that moment to never end..

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  1. By the way, I really enjoy your style of photog.

  2. buahhaha complaining pants! hilarity. I laughed out loud at that one.

    I also think it would be pretty hilarious to get someone else's photos instead of your own. That crazy photo shop lady!!


  3. my complaining pants just happen to be very stylish! :)

  4. look at it from bright side: u got a chance to, meet new people on photos. hahahhaha. very funny.


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