miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

well i know i SHOULDN'T, because that's why i got this stupid skin rash. :(
so i'm doing a mixtape cd for my friend stef whose bday party is tonight but GOD it's taking me so long!
once again it's really really hot and i don't feel like going out or doing anything, just for a change..

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  1. oh rash... uuuh. but never mind the R word :), the photo concept is fantastic. am, i read your post before this one, on love toxic cosmos. i think it s the best descrption i ever heard. congrats. (if its yours:) . but i figured its 2 private to comment it there. but still, i had to mentioned it.

  2. i am
    got the worst flu
    and the whiskey or whatever it is, looks tempting


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