lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

first of all, i'd like to tell you all about my AWESOME MORNING:
i met with the beautiful mili, whom i hadn't seen in almost a year and with whom i did a bunch of rather cool stuff. the list includes:

*doing uni procedures;
*having breakfast and stealing the cafe's magazines;
*stealing a purse from a shiny store;
*going to LA CHINITA (a.k.a. a store owned by a lovely taiwanese lady who knows so many interesting things about life and whatnot and sells an incredible amount of adorable and unnecessary stuff);
*wandering through mysterious passageways;
*chatting much while drinking coke zero;
*hugging and being happy.

i think i now am somehow fond of outdoor activities.

SO, in other news, i was tagged for the very first time by hot stuff frances! but i don’t think i’m clever enough to complete one of these…

Describe your personal style.
i have to agree with frances: quite simple. i can’t bare feeling like i’m overdoing things too much so i always try to keep it effortless. i really don’t see people dressed like me and i am proud of that. despite having to put up with people’s stares sometimes, feeling good with my clothes choice and myself is definitely a rewarding thing.

What are the staples in your wardrobe?
way too many plain tees. i can’t help to think they are awesome! and red chucks, too.

What's your signature look?
loose-fitting tops and narrow bottoms right now.
chunky knitwear for winter and rolled-up sleeves for summer.
denim jeans all year around.

What inspires you?
watercolor paintings, whimsical music, sofia coppola’s films, vintage books in english, love letters, the sky, the trees, the mountains, sketchbooks, pretty wallpapers.

Who is your fashion muse?

my mom. HAHA, sooooo lame. i was lying. D:

Favourite purchase of all time.
my oversized honeycomb knitted indigo vest. <3

Biggest splurge?
my new jeans. i feel so guilty. ):

What’s your beauty routine?
Cucumber slices on my eyes and milk baths.

What jewellery do you never take off?

are my carey sunglasses jewellery? no? well..

What are you wishing for?
i wish i was in love.
i wish i knew where to take french lessons.
i wish i had money so that i could travel.
i wish i could live as a writer and work from home. home would be a lonely house at the bottom of stunning mountains.

What are your obsessions?
finding unusual and pretty words in the dictionary.
letting my loved ones know how much they mean to me.

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  1. Ooh, I want to experience your morning!! :)

  2. Your answers were so... sweet :) Your blog really makes me smile.

  3. Plain t-shirts and red chucks are awesome! Both are essentials in my wardrobe (and well chucks in a lot of other colors as well, I'm kind of addicted to them haha). Your style sounds great, would love to see more pictures of it sometime, on your blog! <3

    Anyway, thank you so much for your comment, you are so sweet, and thanks for the compliments, I'm so happy you enjoy my blog, really means so much to me! Have a lovely day! <3


  4. :)
    your indigo vest sounds super lovely. x

  5. thanks for sharing! i liked learning more about you.


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