domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

friday: dinner with ex-classmates from school. yummy pizzas and lots of yelling and laughing. and cold walks. (:

saturday: Pam's farewell night with THE Sayce kids, before her trip to EUROPE! we headed to frog's and became very good friends with mr hot frog's, mr hawaiian tropic, miss straweberry daikiri, miss caipirinha and THE LOVELY BETSY


and there was also a huge storm with loads of rain and lightnings.

i've become such a party boy i don't even recognize myself. 

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  1. uhm no, yo estoy sacando lo que no me pude sacar en diciembre (en parte apropósito, pero no regrets la pase muy bien en diciembre y enero ahah) en que te anotaste en la facu?


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