viernes, 27 de febrero de 2009



i still am amazed by how much better things have gotten in a matter of dayssss!

i'm happy to say that i've made some lovely acquaintances in class so everything's going good.

we've realised, however, that there seems to be some sort of psycho ladies invasion (including a couple of classmates and the teacher with the parrot-like voice).

i'm having ice-cream and i feel like going on a cheap shopping spree and getting a haircutttttt





4 comentarios:

  1. Dreamy photos. I wish I still had my typewriter.. that was rad.

    Oh no more pyscho ladies! I think we are all a little bit, I know I am :)

    Hope your haircut turned out good.


  2. lovely pics. typewriter/keyrings are things that people forget easily and good to see you bringing them back :)

  3. screw dating, let's just get married. haha. x
    And I like your keys!


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