jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

the sun's been hidden for a couple of days and the smell of rain is all over the place now.

it's a fact: every time the scent of rain fills my lungs with its glorious nostalgia, it will always make me think of you.
i think i need to meet a new girl and like, forget about you. but i haven't met anyone as pretty/interesting/loveable as you in a very long time.
it's been so much time since you last kissed me that i can't even remember it.
yeah, i think i need to meet a new girl.
and then i'd have to forget about the rain, too. we (her and i) would have to have a different special thing than rain. something such as vintage bookshops or a romantic bossa nova cover song.
but i know, very deep down in my heart that nothing will ever feel as right as smelling the perfume of that rain-soaked concrete street with you in the cold transition from july to august.

5 comentarios:

  1. so easy
    but so beautiful
    i cant draw like that

  2. ahhhhh im almost mad now? i hate that i actually like the way u write and i read it completely and just this second im thinking about my ex... and with your post and the rain outside... (what happened???see, now im all into the story!!!)

  3. el amor es tan dificil
    be my valentine ari ahahah

  4. That picture of all the rain drops makes me want to lie on the ground, in the rain.
    And I really miss that smell of when it's hot and it rains for the first time in a while. x

  5. I love the smell of rain and how you write.


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