martes, 17 de marzo de 2009



happy bday, juli ♥

i loved going thrifting with you (even though we didn't get our hands on anything interesting) and having dinner with you yesterday!

we also found out my entrance exam grade, and i got an 87 (KUDOS TO ME, PLEASE)

anyway anyway anyway

i have to go catch the bus to go to your place and sing 'happy bday' to you once again, but i seriously hope your house is not too crowded or i will LEAVE (:

and i truly hope you beautiful bloggers have an AMAZING tuesday!




poncho love



7 comentarios:

  1. well done for your exam!
    for the record... in no way, NO WAY are you a creep. You + me = same wavelength. I reckon we'd have such brilliant conversations x

  2. lovely pictures! they have a very romantic feel...wonderful!

  3. Well done on the exam result!! I love birthdays, they're always so much fun. What camera do you use? x

  4. Congrats! And fantastic photos!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS honey! how fab, very happy for you dear! beautiful photos here.

  6. yo creo seriamente, si se me permite opinar claro, que deberias estudiar algo relacionado con la fotografia, tenes muchisimo talento ari! ah y claro un dia me gustaria que me saques fotos a mi hahaha, un besito


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