sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009



i think i may have had a little bit too much beer last night!


but hey, your bday celebrations are FINALLY OVER!

i went THRICE to your house this week, and things had just started to look like one of those weird gipsy parties that never ever end. your mum must probably hate me after seeing so much of me :P

it was awesome, though, and i must say i quite love hanging out with you (:

i hope i get to go out again tonight, but with the SAYCE KIDS this timeeeeeeeeee

uni starts on monday and i suddenly feel like i should take the most advantage i can of these couple of obligation-free days i have left!



what will you guys do for the weekend? any wicked cool plans? (:


i leave you with some pictures of pupé (misspelling of poupeé), juli's stupid and pedantic pet!

she looks like she was on heroin





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  1. Oh my word, she really does look like she's on crack or something. Good luck with uni! xx

  2. ahahhah! that is the funniest picture i have ever seen
    and the one from the last post is adorable

  3. Oh my.. Pupe's pics are lovely! love them :)

  4. haha the cat pics are so funny! cute though! thanks for your comment - happy weekend! xxx LM

  5. NO such thing as too much beer.
    Hahaa! That cat reminds me of someone I dislike. Not someone I actually know, but if the cat was a person... I would dislike that person.
    How you doiing Ari? x

  6. Awww! Cute cat! Is that a Siamese cat?

  7. lol. cute pics! also nice blog,dear.


  8. she could never hate you. man you sound so nice. all i can do on this post is smile. i love it. the cat, is on heroin :) . yes.


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