jueves, 12 de marzo de 2009




due to film expiration, the colours on this photos turned out rather weird.

and i usually can't cope with weird.

BUUUT as i'm in love with last winter, my winter holidays and all the photos i took back then, i guess i'll let you guys have a look at them (cause, of course, you were asking for it)!



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  1. I love that sweater in the last photo.

  2. oh. the beautiful nature, it never fails to enchant me.

  3. Si, resulta que soy Mexicano.
    Pero como el rollo del blog está en inglés y etcétera, se me ha quedado la costumbre, no se...
    Oye, fantástico trabajo el que tienes ahí (http://virginvisions.deviantart.com) me ha gustado más que el anterior, creo que haré un apéndice en aquella entrada del blog.

    Saludos desde la capital.

  4. your photos are always always incredible, and even the weird colours look extra brilliant. I really miss using my old Yashica camera, but I haven't got access to a darkroom any more :(
    I've said it before but the amount of talent you have is RIDIC.u.lous, dear. x

  5. because rice can make a good day out of a catastrophe. x

  6. I know I say this all the time, but you take incredible photos. The sky in the first photo is glorious. x

  7. wow these are like SO SO good..do you take these shots? i am in shock, so beautiful.

    x LM

  8. great pictures with awesome contrast!

  9. dear ari, what beautiful pictures you take. that forest looks amazing.

  10. they're all gorgeous, but i love the first one. the reflection in the water is so pretty.


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