lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009


it's been raining on and off the whole day

and it's colder than ever this summer, which feels really weird

i love being in my pijamas+a chunky cardigan

love love rainy humid cold love





9 comentarios:

  1. our weather completely sucks too. rain and then hot and then back to being cold again.

  2. loves those pictures, can't wait for the cold.

  3. rainy days is the best!
    Lovely photos<3
    coco L.

  4. it's raining today over here, too. but yesterday it was 80 degrees. weirdest winter ever.

  5. That first photo is a stunner... and YOU need to shhhh with all your too-nice comments! I'll end up with a huge head. haha x

  6. Really love the photos! How did you edit it?


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