martes, 24 de marzo de 2009



say hi to Teo

my beautiful cocker spaniel




uni has started and i must say i almost fell asleep on the first day.

i've been watching lots of pretty movies and it makes my heart so very happy.

i baked heart-shaped chocolate cookies this afternoon and i wish i could share them with all of you.



10 comentarios:

  1. I'd love love love some chocolate cookies right now. Your dog is cuuuute. x

  2. Hi, Teo, I'd love to meet you. You're gorgeous! x

    P.S. And you, boy, get an early night and plenty of coffee!

  3. I'm so in love with your photos! I'd love to swap links -

  4. That is one hell of a killer dream, my darling. xx

  5. I agree, I need a girlfriend too. Or, you know, a life. Either would be good. x

  6. Hi Teo. And lovely photos. I mean, the photos are lovely, not hello to them.

  7. Hello Teo! Such a beautiful coat Teo has.
    Your blog is so beautiful sweetie. adore how sweet you are too. The heart shaped cookies sound delish!
    Thank you for your lovely compliment my sweet.
    muah x

  8. Cute dog! I want some heart shape cookies! I found a unicorn cookie cutter thing the other day that I need. I need a dog too.. your post has basically made me very jealous of your dog and cookies! :) x

  9. the photo of the sky is gorgeous!

  10. i adore cocker spaniels! i used to have one; his name was cocky. what movies have you been watching?


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