sábado, 28 de marzo de 2009



taking the bus to class yesterday was probably the worst decision ever made in the world history of decision-making.

getting to class COMPLETELY SOAKING WET was the lamest thing after that.


Dear rain: you have such bad timing. i hated you for a while. :(



(I thought it'd be nice to shock/blind you with huge words and flashy colours and of course a lot of stupid and pointless randomness)

(Some pictures from my weird and oh-so tiring cart-sort-of-thingy ride with caro)






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  1. I want a go on the cart thingy, please! Ohhh, I hate it when the weather gets in the way, I fell over so many times on the way to lectures when it snowed last term, my poor bum :( xx

  2. Wow, really love your photos Ari! You should be a photographer! Hihi. :)

  3. Hello turquoise and orange! Yussssss.
    How are ALL your photos so good? And all your days sound so very lovely.



  4. Oh sorry that you got soaked,I adore the rain but only from inside :o). I hate it too when I'm caught in it.
    The photos are beautiful. Thank you for the lovely comment.
    have a good wk ahead.x

  5. gorgeous photos. rain is beautiful, but such a pest sometimes
    ps teo is gorgeous xx

  6. this is adorable
    and yes, i know what you mean,
    the rain sucks. it really, really does.
    unless your cuddled up inside with some tea and a book...

    xoxo frassy love

  7. thank you very much.
    ps: beautiful picture blog! :]



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