domingo, 5 de abril de 2009



oh, the uni student life,

how busy and tiring it is..!



i've spent most of my weekend decorating my notebook's covers (which equals scissors, lots and lots of glue, billions of cut outs from 70s' magazines and ENDLESS afternoons), spending way too much money on ridiculously huge photocopy sets, drinking uncountable cups of fruity tea and coffee, reading The picture of Dorian Gray before going to bed at 2 am and fighting crime wearing my skintight red leather jumpsuit.

and i'm perfectly content with it.






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  1. haha, I think it sounds fun ;) Great photos <3
    xoxo L.

  2. love the photos, i can't wait for uni
    i start in september :)


  3. Yes yes yessss, Dorian Gray. You sound so well prepared for uni... I'm probably just going to turn up empty handed and be like, ohhh crap.
    What are you studying?x

  4. love the photos. I hope you're enjoying that book. Its one of my favorites for sure

  5. Beautiful photos as always. I'm so pleased that you're happy and content and doing so well at university life, I'm so disorganised, haha. I'd love to see the red leather jumpsuit, please. x

  6. haha all of those things sound perfectly lovely, and the pictures are beautiful.

  7. thankyou so much for the comment!
    yeah i will thanks :) i have a summer of activities planned but only after i've survived all my exams :O


  8. sweet sweet student- life ......i miss you!

  9. loooove the name of ur blog! keep up the good work! ciaooooo!

  10. The Picture of Dorian Grey is a good book! I remember having to read it in college.


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