viernes, 24 de abril de 2009



this is my favourite llama sweater ever

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  1. hm... (: looks really soft and comfortable.

  2. I like llama's and sweaters. Outside where I work there are alpacas and it makes my heart happy because I am very fond of alpacas because they have nice long necks that look very out of place and very bendy and like they are a bit wrong but they are so right. Hooray for alpacas.

    You seem to be as fond of looking at some crazy cat named stompface's face as I am of alpacas. So I think maybe there might be some alpacas I mean pictures on her blog. Yes.


  3. great photo, like the look of the sweater and the tone to the photo.

  4. That is an incredible llama sweater. I am quite in love with this photo.

  5. llamas are my favourite.
    last time i went to the lake district, I saw 5 llamas and a CAMEL on the way there :)

  6. sweater post! :D i absolutely aore your photos.


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