jueves, 30 de julio de 2009






my knees are so cold right now.

this pictures are a year old, the first one i took it while walking home after having brunch with a friend i hadn't seen in months. the second one at the bus stop.

i miss taking the bus when it's almost empty. but my dad likes driving me everywhere, so..

i don't like it when it's too crowded. or when weird stuff happens!

i will never forget this one afternoon: it was around 3 pm, very cold but the sun shone strongly. i had left early from school and i loved it when it happened. i took the bus and suddenly glanced a girl walking on the street. this girl became one of my best friends some weeks after that. but the weirdest thing was this other girl who kept staring at me on the bus and jumped next to me a few minutes later. she was so so so weird, her eyes were beautiful and so was her face. but a complete creeper in the end. she kept asking me all this strange questions and i remember being totally scared. before getting off the bus, she kissed me goodbye on the cheek and i never saw her again.

i've always had the feeling that she was an ex-classmate's cousin. i still don't know WHY. 


i'd love to hear some bus stories from you. (:




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  1. That top photo is sooo good. I love it!

  2. Hahaha well that's certainly strange...
    I almost ALWAYS take the bus, but no really weird things have happened to me yet. I do hate it when old people stare at you with piercing eyes, demanding to give them your seat. I'm usually like 'no, go death-stare someone else' but it hasn't made me popular...
    I also fainted once, on the bus. And fell. And bumped into a guy and made him fall haha. And fell asleep, so I missed my busstop and had to walk back for ages. Ahhh, the miracle of public transport.

  3. Lol I just keep on commenting here. I tagged you on my blog, check it out!

  4. Wow, i love your photos, you have a great eye for interesting scenes!

  5. i love the photos!
    and the girl sounds weird :P

  6. Yo siempre que voy en colectivo todas las viejas me empiezan a hablar... jaja Y me cuentan su vida... Una vez iba con una amiga y una medio loca nos conto de todo... Igual ya no me acuerdo pero fue muy gracioso...
    Bueno chau... Me gustan tus fotos

  7. those pictures are SO gorgeous. wow. just very simple and lovely and calm.

  8. love your bus stories, the images are stunning. once i was on a bus on halloween and these kids came on the bus and began settiing of these mini rocket fireworks,one hit me but thank God i didnt get hurt.
    have a glorious wknd

  9. my goodness! i can't believe she kissed you! that's hilarious! LOLZ

  10. your photos are really nice. luv your blog.!

  11. amaaazing photos! you are a true talent! especially love the shot with the Cherry Blossom Trees in the sky...stunning! ;)

    xxx bel


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