viernes, 17 de julio de 2009



spent the night watching european horror movies + forgetting sarah marshall (which had nothing to do with anything but we were too scared to keep watching more scary flicks) with friends yesterday


empanadascoke pop corn tiramisu = happy ari and happy friends


AWESOME night, made me quite happy, though i'm starting to feel how the winter break is slowly fading away.

hope you're having yourn own marvellous nights, pretty fellows!

i'm off to the video store to buy some old videotaped movies and charge my cellllllllphone before it's too late






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  1. Love the second photo. Nice blog you have!

  2. these are some great images. love the third lots

  3. Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

    Here they are:


  4. Hi-
    i saw taht you write in english , but you eat empanadas:P
    so , where are you from?
    jajjaja ,qeseyo.. capaz sos de argentina pero se te da escribir todo en ingles.
    en fin.

  5. yo justo estuve en el campo y llovió agua-nieve
    por cierto, es hugh el de las fotos? yo tengo un amigo que se parece a adam sandler. no sé porque lo digo, pero bueno. suerte

  6. jueves 18, tiene un aire a hugh grant (si no es el)

  7. jajaj son como dos gotas de agua (?)

  8. Great photos ! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)


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