miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009






(sort of)


goooood, i'm having nightmares about all those hours of non-stop english conversations coming my way! (and they're scary)

anyway, i managed to get up at 7.30 am and studied teaching practice for quite a while with a couple of strawberry tea cups by my side. fortunately it wasn't as shitty as i thought it would be.

on a different note, my dad bought one of those giant printer/scanner/photocopier machines thingies, thus allowing me to bother you with all my collageness!!!!!!

goodbye for now! have an incredible wednesday (i've always loved spelling wednesday in my head)




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  1. that picture is adorable. Good luck with your studies my friend, I am also studying my sciences as well. I was reading your post and I had the urge to go downstairs and make myself some tea as well. Hopefully my studying will be twice as successful! Thank you for adding me on your blog list, I will add you too!

  2. That is the sweetest collage EVER. Also strawbeery tea sounds waaaay tasty, i've never had any before. Good luck with your english conversations! x

  3. that collage is wonderrrful.
    good LUCK x

  4. Ariel!
    I'm honored to be on your Cool Kids list. :]
    I've missed talking to you! I went and looked at some of your photos; they're looking great.

  5. how ADORABLE is the collage!! it is so cute. oh the all in one scanner/photocopier etc is so much fun.
    i love spelling wednesday too :)
    have a good wknd

  6. After I read this, I felt stupid spelling Wednesday over and over in my head.

  7. That's such a lovely collage!

    Wednesday is one of those words you have to remember how to spell correctly as it goes for DEFINITELY. Now that's the word I really like to spell but I don't often..definitely, definitely, definitely...


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