domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009



customized notebook for a friend (:




i'm sorry for neglecting you, baby blogggggggg!!

(like any of you cared/felt sad by my absence haha)

got together with a gorgeous friend yesterday for a nerdy dialogue-practising afternoon filled with tea and wheat crackers. i love those stupid wheat crackers.

it's sunday and midterms -thank god- will be over by tuesday (not after slaughtering every bit of life i have left, OF COURSE!).

so i apologize once more for my lack of interesting news AND my usual nerdiness.

love you guyssssss, have a nice afternoon! :D

(shit, it's so warm and sunny and i'm doomed to stay here..)



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  1. aww these collages are cute :) and if you're ever in dire need of some collage inspiration, check out Banshee Beat. the link is on my blog underneath the 'art' category.

    also, all your talk about school and midterms has got me dreading my first day of school even MORE. I had no idea such a thing was even possible. Arrrrhh.

  2. AW! That's so adorable. I must say, it is one of those cheesy pick up lines that's nerdy but you can't help but smile at. I love it! Ugh, midterms? How gross! I'm just starting to apply for colleges right now and let me tell you--I wish I grew up wanting to be someone that doesn't require an extensive amount of schooling, I wish we lived in the 1950s with our current society. Oh, boy, life would be so much more easier that way :)

  3. Love the notebook, very cool!


  4. I'm really enjoying all your notebook pics! You seem to be quite talented/ creative - lovely blog (and thanks for trading links ;))

  5. adorable collages...I just had my first day of school today and I'm really excited but my head also really hurts haha. Yayyy for wheat crackers I am obsessed with triscuits and cheese and olives

  6. Tea and wheat cracker! Haven't done that for a while! now it's more coffee and ... apple pie/ lemon pie/croissant/chocolate cake..
    omg i'm not healthy anymore!

    i really like the customized notebook.

    p.s: nerdiness is the new trendiness


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