sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009





despite being winter down here, it's being strangely warm.. so i thought i'd post these babies from the summer! i miss that place terribly and can't wait to go back there next summer.

i'm extremely happy and proud to tell you all that the week has finally finished: i don't have any more midterms OR stupid papers (at least for next week) and i could stay in bed up to 1.30 PM!!!!!!!! (i had been sleeping 3/4 hs per day for the last two weeks)

i refuse to do any homework so i'm off to enjoy this beautiful dayyyyyy.

well i won't lie to you, i don't have any plans for tonight and i'm semi-home alone so today's sure going to suck. but at least i don't have any responsibilities YAY FOR HAVING NO RESPONSIBILITIES!




ttyl haha



 edit: HUUUUUUUUGE thanks to jon for asking me to contribute to the amazing wanchor magazine! go have a look and LIIIIINK, it seriously rocks.




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  1. all I want to do is throw knives at you for being over and DONE with school while my misery is about to begin...
    1st of September, here I come.

  2. You have a beautiful blog! The pictures and words are gorgeous.

  3. my plans for last night where sleeeeep. lots of sleeeep. so i did. finally. it was a happy summer.

  4. I just checked Wanchor blog:
    I love the first photo with the comment "shame on me but it was like 40°C" ahaha!
    I want/need the creepy smile tee, it is so cute!
    AND the last photo is... totally amazing!!



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