martes, 11 de agosto de 2009




i'm so tired and i think i don't care failing all my midterms next week.

well, i DO care but i just like acting like a cool cat.

god i hate that phrase so much. crackle crackle galactic static. am i supposed to sound like i'm on crack? i mean, is that really what my phonology teacher expects from me?

i stroked a puppy today and my computer is about to commit suicide.





i also have some questions:

1. what do you do when you can't fall out of love with this oh-so pretty girl?

2. why don't pretty girls know i exist?

3. can i come up with any more stupid questions?




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  1. Did you try to talk to the pretty girls??

  2. LOL you always bring a grin upon my face.
    aaanyway you can try coming up with several more stupid questions and ask them to the pretty girl, she might think you're a moron but atleast she'll know you exist. It's really a win-win situation.

  3. ahahah!
    1: nothing (i've got the same problem with this oh so handsome boy! everyone is telling me "wait and be patient". so wait and be patient... so easy to say (+ I agree with heleen "win-win situation")
    2: i'm sure pretty girls know you exist, maybe they're just shy
    3: oh hell yes!!!

  4. hello honey, i wish you all the best with both the pc(hope it does not die ;O)) and the midterms.
    honey pretty girls sometimes sruggle to see the nice guys as they are getting so much attention from everyone.
    do try to get to know her as a friend,just be yourself and she will notice you.

  5. I spend all of university pretending to be a cool cat about failing my exams, it will be fine in the end, my dear. Oh-so-pretty girls who don't notice you are normally a little self-involved, just talk to her and all will be well, i'm sure. xx

  6. Hahaha why are you so hilarious? I just found your blog. What writing talent. I like that you're not aiming to please. However, failing exams is never a good idea. No matter how corrupt the university system is... the piece of paper at the end will open so many doors. If you play your cards right, all the pretty girls will recognize you for all the wrong things... and then you'll realize they were never worth it to begin with.

  7. oh you're great! this is great! tell the pretty girl, that's right just say it, (assuming you haven't done this yet) don't try to play it too cool, because nobody is cool actually, and if it doesn't work go make some angsty art.

  8. I don't think I've ever been in love (or in any really severe case of like) but every time I see a really gorgeous guy I wimp out and am left wondering forever what could have happened so I guess my advice is SEIZE THE DAY and hey if it doesn't go well what the hell try again.

    lovely collages and pictures, by the way...I've never tried a collage, just stick w/ drawing, but yours make me actually want to try

  9. Mi comentario rompe la racha de los 8 comentarios en cada entrada...
    Te gustan los peces?
    Perdoneme no le creo? jaj me hizo gracia yo en una epoca hacia coleccion de frases graciosas del diario... mi favorita...
    Amar y no ser amado es como limpiarse el culo sin haber cagado... Te sirve de algo?

  10. ajjajaj, si te sirve de algo, voy a tratar de contestarte las preguntas
    1) Lo que yo hago para olvidarme de alguien, es salir, salir, y salir ( y dormir, y escuchar Arctic Monkeys ). No te garantizo que te olvides, pero estoy segura de que la vas a pasar tan bien que ni te va a importar.
    2) ( En esta no te puedo ser muy útil, a mí me pasa que los flacos no me ven )
    3) Y sí, siempre se puede (:

  11. I am with you in exhaustion 100%. I love sleep, but I seem to fight it all to often.

    And to answer your questions, well, I think I need to listen to my own advice but #1 I think we are all trying to answer that one, :)
    #2 They just are probably to shy to tell you,
    and #3, Your questions are far from stupid.

  12. your collages/sketch books are wonderful,
    your posts make me laugh.
    never be too available to a girl, make her laugh and then walk away leaving her wanting more. i like stupid questions-they are more honest!


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