domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009








80% of my friends bailed out on me last minute and decided they were not going to the party we had been invited to. and i REALLY wanted to go but i reckoned it would be very sad being there alone with a bunch of people i didn't know. so i had no choice but to stay at home. :(

on another subject, i bought the perfect black military coat yesterday morning, and got my hair cut. a tad expensive but oh well, i can always go rob a bank!



how was your saturday night?

(i hope not as lousy as mine turned out to be!)




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  2. oh god!! it kind of happened the same thing to me on saturday... wanted to go to this party, but my friends were like "we're too lazy and tired". so i stayed at home and watched some tv series (i'll not say which ones, i'm too ashamed)

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  4. one day you would realize going-out doest equal fun and staying home can also be festive

  5. ah fuck I hate it when my friends cancel last minute. Anyway my Saturday was alright but yesterday I had an allergic reaction to egg in my best friend's house and her mother had to take care of me while I pretty much destroyed their toilet with my vomit. Now THAT's a lousy sleepover.

  6. Thanks for the comment!
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    I will follow your blog!

  7. I feel you. I don't like going to parties without people I trust. So since most of my party friends are out of town, I haven't been comfortable enough to go to parties.


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