viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009







this is just a little post to thank ALL OF YOU for all the support you've been giving me and the beautiful comments you've left! you're the ones who make it worth to have this blog :)

i'd also like to thank june for being so sweet and asking me to do a mini Q/A, which you can find on her amazing blog over here!

things like these make me want to live in the fantastic world we know as blogosphere forever. but i won't do that for i'd probably end up in a movie called 'ari in creepyland' and also die of obesity shortly thereafter (sitting for way too long in front of the computer eating nothing but wheat crackers is said to be a bit unhealthy).

the end.




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  1. yay I'm officially a cool kid =D sweet questionnaire- haha I was indeed wondering about the title but now it ALL MAKES SENSE. And Pride and Prej is indeed awesome- my fav 18th century book however would have to be Jane Eyre, just because Mr. Rochester is prety much the best romance hero ever <3

  2. i enjoy your blog :) i think, i will follow you :)


  3. thanks for the nice posting<3
    how so kind of you!
    anyway! keep posting. i luv your blog !!

  4. Aw, it is such an honor to be deemed cool on this blog. Thank you :) You can try doing lunges while on the looks productive at least

  5. Thanks to you for whoring around. You have a great blog here. Always a pleasure reading new updates.
    -Steph Bryant

  6. Oh myyy, I totally get what you mean. I panic about all the eating and sitting at the computer i do sometimes, fat guilt is such a terrible thing. Hope you're well, my darling. xx

  7. congrats on the mini Q&A on Junes blog! off to go check it out now

  8. honey hope your having a good week

  9. thanks, so sweet :p Always love to come here


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