miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009





yayyyyyyy so much fun you sexy motha fucka nigga biotchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

i'm officially done with fucking midtermssssssssssss AND singing along to 'she's expensive' by the virgins at the top of my voiiiiiiiice until one my sisters OR my lovely parents take notice of it and politely ask me to shut the fuck up! :D :D :D :D

now i need to wait and see how i did, which was oooooooook i think but i don't want to think about it so bye bye midterm-related thoughts woo-hoo party time now (not really, trust me)

anyways i still have some stupid assignments to do (impossible not to have them) but i'm relatively free and it feels so so so weird but great all the same.. i have a SERIOUS amount of sleep to catch up with but it was totally worth it! 

as always i'll ask YOU to share the interesting stories, guys! :P

take care and be happy



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  1. Love those photographs!



  2. polaroids always make me happy =) augh you lucky person you get a break now. Shit is just starting up for me. On the bright side, many useful bits of info have come my way thanks to school- did you know, for instance, that there is more energy in a chocolate chip cookie than in tnt? Well, maybe you did. I didn't, at least. Have fun over break!

  3. Good luck finishing your work!! I love the photos, especially because they're polaroids!

  4. great photos!

    you really have and need to party now!!!!
    chill out!
    ahahaha love the thing with your sisters and parents, it reminds me myself when i'm singing (with my great awesome voice who make every glasses break) and dancing just a front of a mirror (or not) and that then I freak out as I see my flatmates who were there looking at me since like 10 minutes... so embarrassing! (but they usually come and dance/sing with me afterwards). that also happen with my mom and my little brother.


  5. ahahahahahhah!
    i just read your comment!
    i think that it is both of your theories. "pretty crazy" and "slightly alone" (as you can see in one of the photo, there was only one guy in the tube.. he probably freaked out!).
    actually before that my friend were singing really loud in a tube full of people who look so desperate to shut her mouth... and the worst is that she were singing "classic" french or american music (old britney spears and others).
    poor me

  6. Enjoy your sleep, my darling, congrats on finishing! I have so much love for your quiff-a-fringe, it's just lovely. x

  7. You just justified your headline by those pictures. Please don't take a offense, I think that it is wonderfully delighting! :)

    My day. Well, to say the least, I am relieved from a stressed week. On the brightside, my struggles for the "front (wo)man" of journalism as editor has taught me one thing: Do not expect to be appreciated by others for doing hard work, expect to do hard work for your own apprecation.

    I wanna have some fun, I think I'll make my own!

    I'm glad midterms are over for ya', ugh. I have a test coming up! YAY STATISTICS CLASS!

  8. Oh no!! I'm sorry if that seemed that way. I just meant the "whoring around" term as in when taking pictures of yourself.

    I do it too. And if I were to call you a whore, that would mean I'd be calling myself one, and I do not believe we are...hahaha. If that made any sense :)

  9. ahahaaaa as if i'm so late on commenting this!

    well done, lover! x


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