domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009



had an awesome night last night!

spent it with friends eating pizza, having caipiroshkas at the pub, and later dancing our asses off at the clubbbbbbbbb (and coping with a couple who were dancing reggaeton/going at it right next to us).



viva spring break!

although i do have to go to class a couple of days this week. eek

how's your weekend so farrrrr, guys?






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  1. So far, the greatest weekend ever. And it's not even over ! ( In about five minutes a text message will arive, and I'm off to the Spring Fest (: )

  2. i was so tired this weekend, from everytihing whats going on right now, that i said enough. i neeed to sleep for 72 hours. and i did.

  3. Once, I was in a club and this middle aged woman started coming onto my friend while her boyfriend watched, totally trying to entice into some sort of threesome. Best fun Ever. I know I always say it but I love your photos, i do i do. xx

  4. what is caipiroshkas?
    well this weekend was funny! lot of laughs... and drinks. my friends brought me to a weird club and we danced 'til we couldn't feel our feet! i actually met someone who went to argentina, so now i'm thinking about have some holidays up there.
    your photo is so disturbing, is it some kind of collage? i can't stop looking at it.


  5. My weekend was GREAT! went shopping and read and tried a slice of godiva cheesecake, which was mindblowingly wunderbar. What are caipiroshkas? They sound like cappucinos mixed with matryoshkas....yum!

  6. looking through your blog always leaves me feeling refreshed and inspired.

  7. that is the cutest picture honey!

  8. Spring break?!

    Me weekend so far has been spent babysitting. This is not a punishment, though, because the children I babysit are such darling kids. :) I am quite tired now. :(

    I'm glad you are doing well<333


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