domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009




(HOLY COW, this is SHIT scary but it's a bit too late to back down now!)



so, this was definitely one the most stupid spring breaks of my life.. some friends from uni and i were requested to participate as assistants in this teaching conference which took place from thursday to saturday. however, it turned out to be completely different from what we expected..

instead of doing the whole accreditation thing on the first day and then taking care of workshops and dissertants, the stupid ladies from the organizing committee kept getting in the middle and telling us to get lost and we were FORCED TO WORK WITH THE PLANNING COMPANY CREW moving chairs and tables from a tent to a building the whole of the second morning. and the fatass planner totally threw all his shit at us! he was sooooo fucking rude and didn't EVER help anyone, he just kept talking on his cell phone. i mean, i know it was sort of out of the blue and that they did need our help, but it's not our fault if you are the one who decides to put up a tent in the HIGHEST and WINDIEST spot of the city without thinking of a plan b first!

all this, of course, without even offering us a drink or something to eat.

and that's basically why i never showed up on the last day. HA! i'll bitchslap those biotches from the organizing committee if i ever see them again!




sorry for all the badmouthing and blabblering :( but it really pissed me off

i DID buy a copy of the complete illustrate works of Oscar Wilde, an apple stamp which reads 'VERY GOOD' and stole an apple pencil. yayyy for stealing small goodies!

i'm so off to check your lovely blogs, guys




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  1. I know all about demanding bosses, they're a cruel breed.

  2. very good!
    that sounds horrid... and the exam sounds petrifying.
    the oscar wilde sounds fab fab! x

  3. Ah que tal todo señor Ariel...
    Ah te soy sincera no lo lei porque no tengo tiempo y esta en ingles... Pero si cuando tenga tiempo y ganas lo leo...
    Un beso

  4. hope you have a good weekend

  5. aww poor thing. well no worries. i've been working at sample sales and after being treated like models under observation (i.e. when do we get to eat ? ) we pretty much revolted and have taken over the current "government".

    thanks for ur comment !


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