martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009





i got home early from uni many hours ago, after finding out that a teacher had passed away earlier today. i did not know her but a friend of mine did, and she was so so sad and i felt extremely useless. i do hope she rests in peace.

this and the gloomy weather we've been having over the past few days got me thinking, and it's so awful that people just die.

psh, i'm such a genius, ain't i?




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  1. oh that's so sad, do you know what happened to her?

    oh and you're a bloody brilliant genius, mister!

  2. It's very sad that people die, but remember that death isn't the end. Wherever she has gone to, it is surely a better place. I'm sure she is at peace.

  3. que haces al otro parte del mundo cuando hay lluvia? debe ser bellisima. en Londres es un poco gris.

    >_< bleh !

  4. It is. I am sorry to hear about that. Death is inevitable, as we all have known. But you can never just get to used to the idea, especially when it hits so close to home.

  5. oh im sorry to hear about the sad death of the teacher. May the family be comforted, I pray for all who knew the teacher.


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