sábado, 30 de enero de 2010




movies + shopping + reading + studying
and NOTHING else here.

anything interesting over there, wherever you are? :)

martes, 26 de enero de 2010







it's 7.47 am and I got home only and hour or two ago. this was one the funniest nights of the summer, indeed! it all started at THE meeting point -the bus stop. adri and i took the bus to ju's house, but we sort of got lost among the oh-so expensive houses and grand gardens and ended up walking in circles for, at least, fifteen minutes. it turned out the house was only two blocks from our stop!

there we got yummy pizza delivered to us and chilled by the pool, fanning ourselves with random objects scattered over the place.

at about 1 am we headed to BAR-BAT with cin too, for caipiroshkas and other drinks. this, added to our natural state of drunkness, lightened the night up! we then proceeded to walk ju back to her place and walk cin as close as hers.

ALL I'M GONNA SAY IS WE GOT REALLY CLOSE, for we walked thirty blocks at around 3 am till we got there and watched her safely close the door. GREAT FRIENDS WE ARE, as you can see, but adri and i ended up alone in the middle of nowhere. 

we headed to the bus stop and actually waited OVER AN HOUR before the fucking bus come, while all we could do was complain about our sore, and now drag-queen-sized, calves and neck-high butts. oh yeah, no one is ever gonna say i'm a fatass, for it is as hard as a rock now!

it came. it was like a religious experience. and we were so high on our stupidity (NOT CRACK, I SWEAR) that we laughed the whole ride to adri's home, and sang Silent Night in our best mezzo soprano voices (we also did this while walking through cin's neighbourhood, and probably woke up all the slumberers) to the dismay of a small-eared creepy guy sitting near us.

and then i took a cab home, and no pedo cabbie was there to scare me! :)

and then i got my CAE results, after almost two months wait, AND I GOT AN A!!!!! :')


off to sleep?

not really!

love love love and summer heat to all of you!!




viernes, 22 de enero de 2010




as my sister is about to head to the beach to sell the easy-breezy-beautiful summer-ish skirts that she made with her own pretty hands, we spent yesterday's afternoon shooting our lovely cousin luz wearing them.

too lovely a day for words, laughed as i hadn't laughed in weeks!
AND i also got to meet my one year old cousin. BEST - CHEEKS - EVER.

differences aside, family is still family. :)
P.S time to take up my books again. i feel like a raped whore -that is, very very sad.
P.S 2 this is a picture of us stopping the bus in the middle of the street.







martes, 19 de enero de 2010

this picture was taken by my grandfather many years ago. i always thought of him when we used to drive by those sunflower fields on our way to the mountains.

due to family circumstances we were never really close, and it puzzles me how i only seldom remember that he WAS a photographer. it makes me happy to think that somehow he influenced me in my love of all things aesthetically beautiful.

miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010







the day was about to become the most boring in the history of boring days until a friend called with dinner+movie plans :)

(it'll only be the two of us but we don't need any more bitches to have fun!)





sooooooooooooooooo i took a cab home at about 5 am last night, after rambling on and on about love and sex AND THE LACK OF BOTH.
i'm ALWAYS taking cabs so as not to disturb my poor father, and i ALWAYS call the same company as their cabbies have never turned out to be too weird. until last night. the whole thing went pretty much like this...:

A(ri): hi
C(abbie): hi! the city's dead right now..
A: yeah..
C: SO do you like going out? the club's open tonight
A: mmh yeah not that much.. i went last week and i almost melted
C: well i don't know what kind of music you like but do you like Adonis? (IT'S A GAY CLUB HELLO!!, SORRY I'LL GO ON WITH THE STORY), it gets great ;)
A: NO.
C: hey why don't you write down my number? in case you call the company and the phone's busy, you can just call me and i'll pick you up wherever you are
A: Ok................. *beep beep beep beep* (sounds of me pretending to write down his number on my phone)
C: i'm juan by the way ;) what's your name?
J(uan): you don't like talking, do you? you seem shy. are you shy or do you just not like talking?
S(antiago): ..............
J: would you like to sit on the front seat? so that we can talk better. i don't like talking when i'm in the back seat.
S: oh don't worry i LOVE backseats
J: (i was about to get home when the guy slowed down) would you like some candy??? ;) ;) ;)
S: no thanks i'm fine
J: well this is it, it's $17
S: great i thought i didn't have enough but i do!
J: well i would have dropped you at your place anyway ;)
S: ok BYE!!!!!!

and this is when he stopped at the corner of my street and i got out of that car as soon as possible and SHIVERING (i was seriously scared, i kept remembering how the guy drove me through all sorts of creepy places i'd never in my life seen, filled with abandoned train wagons and shit like that).
but here's not where the story ends. while i was frantically rummaging in my pocket for my keys, the creeper yelled something at me and

J: are you gay? ;)
S: (with my biggest BACK-THE-FUCK-OFF-BITCH face) NO. are YOU?
J: ME? no...
S: you need anything else?
J: no....

and i ran to my house crying! NOT REALLY but i was really scared, they guy was such a weirdo and i really really feared the loss of MY ASS' INTEGRITY.
this story is just to show you this is a scary scary world, kids!

sábado, 9 de enero de 2010




call me a nerd, but give me my gwyneth paltrow movies, some grape jello and a copy of northanger abbey and i'm happy for the day!

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010






 dear 2010, PLEASE bring:


*crushes that actually lead SOMEWHERE

*enthralling novels

*somewhat healthy habits

*nights out with friends


*more of the usual nerdiness




*cool clothes

*development of the capacity to love less

*whoring around