martes, 26 de enero de 2010







it's 7.47 am and I got home only and hour or two ago. this was one the funniest nights of the summer, indeed! it all started at THE meeting point -the bus stop. adri and i took the bus to ju's house, but we sort of got lost among the oh-so expensive houses and grand gardens and ended up walking in circles for, at least, fifteen minutes. it turned out the house was only two blocks from our stop!

there we got yummy pizza delivered to us and chilled by the pool, fanning ourselves with random objects scattered over the place.

at about 1 am we headed to BAR-BAT with cin too, for caipiroshkas and other drinks. this, added to our natural state of drunkness, lightened the night up! we then proceeded to walk ju back to her place and walk cin as close as hers.

ALL I'M GONNA SAY IS WE GOT REALLY CLOSE, for we walked thirty blocks at around 3 am till we got there and watched her safely close the door. GREAT FRIENDS WE ARE, as you can see, but adri and i ended up alone in the middle of nowhere. 

we headed to the bus stop and actually waited OVER AN HOUR before the fucking bus come, while all we could do was complain about our sore, and now drag-queen-sized, calves and neck-high butts. oh yeah, no one is ever gonna say i'm a fatass, for it is as hard as a rock now!

it came. it was like a religious experience. and we were so high on our stupidity (NOT CRACK, I SWEAR) that we laughed the whole ride to adri's home, and sang Silent Night in our best mezzo soprano voices (we also did this while walking through cin's neighbourhood, and probably woke up all the slumberers) to the dismay of a small-eared creepy guy sitting near us.

and then i took a cab home, and no pedo cabbie was there to scare me! :)

and then i got my CAE results, after almost two months wait, AND I GOT AN A!!!!! :')


off to sleep?

not really!

love love love and summer heat to all of you!!




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  3. I'm happy you didn't get another creepy taxi driver! haha.

    x x x

  4. haha what you're doing there
    looks very funny


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