jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010






lots and lots of phonemic transcriptions to avoid studying while pretending i'm doing it (which, in a way, i am so i'm not as lazy as you all think), becoming addicted to BBC's Jane Eyre, working out the chubbiness off my arms and dreaming of getting my hair cut and wearing my new super cool FELIX t-shirts.




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  1. phonetic transcripts make me SO SAD! I hate doing them.
    I hope I fixed the photo.

  2. oh man, I just started a linguistics class and began doing ipa transcripts. They're oddly relaxing if I do them while watching something. I haven't seen BBC's Jane Eyre yet but I just started watching their new Emma series!

  3. I studied English at university, not for a long time though, but I enjoyed phonetics A LOT :D
    Not that I found it quite useful (though I gues it is) but was thrilled to discover something familiar (the sounds)put together in a different structure :)

    also, thanks for your nice words !!


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