sábado, 17 de abril de 2010







fooling around with my webcammmmmmmmmm, i can pretend to be like the rest of the world and have a fancy software on my IPHONE (????) to take instant pictures of me. :)

spending the morning reading about how to teach listening comprehension skills and having an AWFUL cold and an AWFUL AND STUPID fever is NO FUN you guys.

but that won't stop me from grabbing lunch at my friend's placeeeeeeeeee. i should be taking my shower now. so yeah, bye bye kiddos.

oh my god, i will be going to another friend's place TONIGHT apparently. TWO OUTINGS IN ONE DAY?!?!?!? i'm such a crazy party boy, i can't believe myself.......

have a fun fun day!!





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  1. hahaha you always make me smiiiile. i'll invite you to my next teaparty

  2. i like the pictures, you make
    and your blog is also very beautiful :)


  3. I love this photo of yours.. you are adorable!!

  4. aww, you're so lovely !
    don't worry, fever is GOOD for you, it's a good sign and has good effects ;) x

  5. oh my, you look exactly like my friend marcelo, who is gorgeous. xx


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