martes, 20 de abril de 2010







i'm writing love letters even though she does not love me.




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  1. Aaaah <3 . Some day she will reply. ^_^

  2. even tho HIM, not "her"

    btw u look very linda, and by linda i mean evengelista!

  3. aw I wish someone would write me a love letter. actually mr stompface wrote me a poem once, because I told him to, but it went something like "I like you in the colour pink, I hope that you do not magically shrink, I really really like your face, I hope you don't spray me with mace." romantic..oh waitttt?!!

    great photo by the way.


  4. amazing photo and love letters are a beautiful thing to write, always always. x

  5. playing with the light can look so good and it does.

  6. that's the point of love letters x


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