domingo, 11 de abril de 2010









second year's first week: OVER. 

and i already have tons of homework.

something (aka EVERYONE I COME ACROSS IN THE STREETS) tells me this year will be extra tough haha. NOT funny. :)

i also have this awful incipient cold which is quite a nuisance, i tell you kids! and as i'm bored and google is at hand, i ended up finding THIS:



Can drinking lots of tea cure an incipient cold?

Ask me tomorrow. I'm on my third kettle and so far the cough is getting worse.



poor guy, i'm taking the risk though!

so, with my life still being this shitty, i will need to stop before i depress everyone.

DO know that i still read your blogs (a thousand times more interesting than this one) every single day!!





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  1. I really love the label with the lamb (:

  2. I love the drawing. How is second year? Stick in there. We've all been there. You should go on exchange, come to Europe. ;-)


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