sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010






home alone with my dad = AWKWARD

this week has been filled with glottal stops, , marriage proposals, phonemes and allophones, joyous mornings, ghost stories, English literature, northern accents, dulce de leche and late late tea with friends.

to make things even better, we're taking the week off at uni! yay May 25th!!!

all the same, i have fuckloads of homework.


i miss being all creepy on your lovely blogs every day!!! :(

by the way, i got this super awesome military jacket for only ten pesos. which would be like 3 dollars. which would be like 0 pounds. i also got the perfect chunky sweater and a BALENCIAGA ♥ shitrt for 13 pesosssssssssssss (which would be practically free for you, lucky europeans and americans whose currency is not devaluated haha)

thrifting is heaven forever love. ♥



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  1. haha this reminds me of the time i found a marc jacobs blouse in the local thrift store. i believe i bursted into a spontaneous dance as soon as i read the label. mmm, good thrifting times.

    enjoy your week offff.

  2. balenciaga and dulce de leche? fuck. let's swap lives for a bit. i just sit in a library all day and stick to the leather chairs due to heat x

  3. fuck healthy currencies.
    Your life sounds divine, let me in!
    it's raining and shit and I'm learning about the cold war. x

    PS you're pretty.

  4. and PPS I vote that you thrift a shirt for 0 pounds then mail it to me ♥


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